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Now in Stock Ultraheat Vertical Planal Double VPD Radiator
Ultraheat Planal Vertical Double Panel and Convector radiator, is a new addition to the Planal range of radiators.

New!! Ultraheat Triple Planal Radiators for Immediate Despatch
Ultraheat Planal Triple Radiators now in stock and available for immediate despatch. Ultraheat Triple Panel Compact 6 style radiators are ideal for modern living rooms or offices where the look of your choice can be easily extended across a flat, smooth Horizontally mounted heating surface. Please ask for further details.

Ferroli Optimax Safe and sure care for your Ferroli boiler
Safe and sure care for your Ferroli boiler. While your Ferroli boiler takes care of your heating and hot water, Caresafe looks after you with a choice of service contracts that take the worry out of boiler maintenance. For safety reasons all boilers need regular servicing and should a fault ever develop, you will want a fast and efficient response to sort out the problem. Caresafe offers four levels of service care direct from the manufacturer, the people who know most about your boiler and who have all the spares needed to carry out repairs at the first visit, eliminating that sometimes lengthy and irritating wait for the right parts to arrive.

Ferroli Optimax Looking after you as well as your boiler
We are one of the world?s premier boiler manufacturers and know how important it is for you to be free of worry when your boiler needs servicing or on the rare occasion something goes wrong. Caresafe is a way of ensuring you get the benefits of our unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability beyond the guarantee that comes with every boiler. With advanced technology and sophisticated controls that lead the world, Ferroli boilers are extremely reliable, but like all equipment in daily use the occasional fault may develop. Caresafe offers a choice of service contracts to match your personal need and budget, which ensure safe, efficient and economic operation after our initial guarantee expires.

Ferroli Optimax 38C HE Combi Condensaing Boilers A Rated 5 Years Guarantee
Ferroli Optimax HE 38C Combi Boiler 113338 * Lower emmissions * Ultra quiet operation * 5 year guarantee * Easy access to components * SEDBUK A rating * Self-diagnostic * High Savings on gas bills * Optimax 38C * Output: 38kw * Flowrate: 15.4 ltr min * Dimensions: 700H x 450Wx330D

Ferroli Optimax 31C HE Combi Condensaing Boilers A Rated 5 Years Guarantee
Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Combi Boiler 113331 * Lower emmissions * Ultra quiet operation * 5 year guarantee * Easy access to components * SEDBUK A rating * Self-diagnostic * High Savings on gas bills * Optimax 31C * Output: 25kw * Flowrate: 12.6 ltr min * Dimensions: 700H x 400W x 330D

Ferroli Optimax 31 HE and Ferroli Optimax 38HE Training courses
Fully certified courses at our UK head office or any of our partner training colleges TRAINING CENTRES Barnsley Belfast Bournemouth Burton-upon-Trent Dunfermline Glasgow Hartlepool London Manchester Rotherham Southport Torquay At Ferroli we offer installers a comprehensive training course programme, both from our own fully equipped training centre in Burton-on-Trent and from other training centres up and down the country. You can choose from courses on individual Ferroli boiler products, unvented cylinders or the latest Part L and Part P training. We also offer a solar appreciation training day at Burton-upon-Trent or a three day BPEC accredited course.

Space Frames Make Ferroli Optimax HE Boilers Even Neater
Ferroli is making it even easier for installers to achieve a neat, professional finish every time they install a Ferroli Optimax HE combi or system boiler. As part of the new accessory range for Optimax HE boilers, it has introduced a space frame kit which allows all inlet and outlet piping to run vertically behind the boiler, avoiding unsightly or space-consuming plumbing around the boiler. Space frame kits are available for the Optimax HE 25kW and 31kW system boilers and the 31kW and 38kW combis. The space frame bolts to the wall, providing enough clearance for piping to be installed out of sight behind the boiler. The frame is pre-drilled for pipe connections, making installation very easy. The boiler is simply bolted to the frame, instead of the wall. The frame adds just 65mm to the boiler depth. The kit means that Ferroli Optimax HE boilers can be ?on show? in even the most expensive of kitchens, says Ferroli Marketing Manager Nicola Cox. ?Our boilers are designed to complement the clean lines and good looks of modern kitchens. The Optimax HE space frame kit ensures that these boilers can be at home in any kitchen.? The Ferroli Group is one of the largest and most successful heating appliance manufacturers in the world with an annual turnover in excess of 600,000,000 Euros. Over 500,000 boilers are produced each year from its ten ultra-modern factories across Europe. Ferroli Limited offers boilers which utilise new generation heating technology for optimum energy efficiency and environmental protection. The Group also offers

The icing on the cake Ferroil Optimax
5 year guarantee on all Optimax HE models ?The guarantee is valid for 5 years from the date of installation, for boilers installed after 1st March 2007. ?The guarantee covers all parts and labour costs for a Ferroli service engineer or agent to repair any Ferroli Optimax HE product for manufacturing defects only. ?The guarantee card must be completed and returned to Ferroli Ltd within a maximum of a month of the date of installation. ?Installation must be by a Gas Safe Register person. The Benchmark Logbook must be completed by the installer, as shown in the installation manual, at the time of installation. ?The boiler must be subjected to a system flush during commissioning as per the boiler instruction manual. ?The boiler must be serviced annually to ensure its safe and efficient operation. The service may be carried out by the installer or by any other Gas Safe Register person or by Ferroli Ltd. Details of services carried out must be recorded in the Benchmark Logbook. ?Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions will nullify the guarantee.

Benefits inside the new Ferroli Optimax HE boiler
What?s new? The new Optimax HE has been developed from the well-respected and proven Band A Optimax. It includes a stylish new single piece boiler casing with an integral fascia and a number of major improvements designed to ?make life easier?. More power, higher efficiency The new Optimax HE includes two combi and two system models: - 25kW and 31kW system models, - 31kW and 38kW combi models with impressive flow rates. For the merchant One boiler range satisfies all your Band A combi and system needs. For the installer Easiest ever to install. Improved installation and servicing clearances.

Benefits inside the new Ferroli Optimax HE boiler
For the user More power and higher efficiency from a more compact unit Proven technology for greater reliability Super quiet operation. Integral filling loop Integral filling loop that forms part of the boiler valve assembly. Built-in automatic bypass Re-designed internal water group assembly that includes a built-in automatic bypass valve. User-friendly control panel 3 Amp fused three pin plug for the simplest electrical connection User-friendly liquid crystal display Option of plug-in seven day digital timer Option of outside weather compensation software (combi only).

You give the new Ferroli Optimax HE thumbs up
Now with a five year guarantee Six months after the launch we have sold many thousand Optimax HE boilers. Yes, you have reported that the Optimax HE is much easier to install. And yes, you have reported the Optimax HE is totally reliable. If a boiler is going to go wrong it is normally within the first six months, yet for the last six months our help lines have never been so quiet. We knew the Optimax HE would be ultra reliable and now we have proved it. So confident are we in the new Optimax HE that we have just introduced a full five year guarantee with all new Optimax HE models. Not just limited to certain parts. Not restricted to being serviced by a Ferroli engineer. We think it is the best guarantee on the market. It?s the icing on the cake

You give the new Ferroli Optimax HE thumbs up
Easiest ever to install We launched our all new Band A Optimax HE combi and system last October after four years of intensive development and testing. Quite simply, we redesigned the well-respected previous Optimax range to make it better engineered in every detail. We started by listening to you, our customers. We received feedback from merchants, installers, and specifiers about how to make the new Optimax HE easier to install and much more robust. We introduced a much larger range with models from 18kW to 38kW and we developed 19 specific engineering improvements to make your life easier.

Vaillant Combi Boilers
For more than 130 years, Vaillant has set the standards in the heating market, creating products that have revolutionised the industry. As Europe?s number 1 boiler manufacturer, innovation still comes as second nature. Their products boast the highest energy efficiency ratings and lowest emissions, and come with an enviable reputation for performance, quality and reliability Vaillant offer a wide range of condensing boilers to suite any application. If you?re looking for a Vaillant condensing combi boiler, condensing Vaillant System boiler or a traditional Vaillant Heating boiler Discounted Heating supply them all

New Addition
Now available, Ultraheat Planal vertical and horizontal Flat Panel Designer Radiators. The ultimate modern statement for your room. Click on Flat Designer Radiators image

Coming Soon
Full Range of Designer Radiators from ultraheat Aeon Collection.

New Addition Full Range of Triple Panel Radiators
Full Range of Triple Radiators from 200mm High To 900 High Radiator For more information call sales on 01254 234 811